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  1. I meant you were up in arms back in September when people disagreed with you. Whether we were or weren’t the third “best” defence at that early stage is somewhat irrelevant. That was my point. We had played six league games against teams we largely would he expected to win against. I repeat, at no stage this season have we genuinely looked like a top side over a decent time period. We’ve shown glimpses here and there, but those periods have been all too short and sporadic. It now seems we are back in a free fall. 2-4 at home to Wolves. Yikes.
  2. Not a liar, but to make such bald statement that early and then be up in arms over people disagreeing with you is just foolish. It’s blatantly clear that we are nowhere near top 3 in any meaningful metric. We have a promising squad but sadly with too many gaping holes in it. For me the worrying sign is all that money being spent and we are only marginally better than last season.
  3. Boring and blatantly never true. Making such a statement one month in was foolish. halfway through there are 13 teams that have conceded less than us. Arguably, the only defence that are clearly worse than ours is Burnley and Sheffield United. Luton has only conceded one goal more than us 🤘
  4. 3 shots on target says it all. We suck offensively. We also suck defensively. So yeah, basically we suck. There’s always next season. Cheers to that 🥂
  5. Well said, Anelka was an unlikely success I’ll happily admit. I just forgot him!
  6. We should have bought Isak years ago but as he wasn’t “proven” it wasn’t to be. To be honest I’ve given up on strikers. 1/10 is a good fit for us. We need battlers up there and anyone who doesn’t for the bill isn’t for me. Drogba, Costa, Vialli and Zola and that’s the sum of successful forward choices we as a club has mustered is 30-odd years. Appalling record.
  7. He’s started 60% of the games and I’d wager there is zero chance of him making that Real move permanent. But for us it was important to get him off the books so we could move on. Next season we’ll give him away to anyone who’s interested. One of the worst signings we’ve ever made. Going from Cudicini to Cech to Courtois only to end up with Kepa was a real wake up call.
  8. One cost £75m and 175k/w for 6 years. The other is what? On 40k/w and cost us a fee of £7m. Still I don’t see Petkovic as being the obviously inferior option. Perhaps even on par with Kepa. I’ve said for years that the club should be able to find a player that is equal to Kepa at the fraction of the cost. I’ve been laughed at yet here we are.
  9. Hey ho. The volatility train keeps huffing along. I’ve said this all season, this side is too young and lacks too many instrumental pieces to be a solid top side. I don’t think we should sign a striker in January. I don’t think we should sign a replacement CB for Silva either. Continue and play out the season with what we’ve got and come summer add three instrumental pieces to the side; A goal scoring striker A goal scoring wide player A goal scoring central midfield player We sorely lack goals and have for years. You can’t be a top side without scoring goals, it really is that simple.
  10. At least we won’t go down. Always something to celebrate lads! 🥂
  11. Look at that starting XI, look at the subs bench. Look at the substitutions made. All that money spent and so little talent and ability. Recruitment has been a shambles for a long while and it’s killing us. We think we have a great defence, 59 goals conceded during 2023. That is nothing short of abysmal. 30 goals in 2023 for the 22/23 season and 29 goals (so far) conceded in 2023 this season. Now take a moment to digest how bad that is from a historical perspective. Yes we have problems scoring goals, but we have real big problems preventing conceding them as well. So in essence, shit going forward, shit at defending. That’s why we are 12th.
  12. This result is not surprising in the least. The starting XI was abysmal and a front two of both Jackson and Broja should clearly never be an option again. That with a starting midfield of Gallagher and Big Les. Devoid of any creativity. This team will continue to frustrate until we find a stable platform in defense and a couple of goal scorers. Very much same story as the last few years, only now we’ve made sure to remove all experience from the side (with the hope this batch will be better than the last).
  13. I didn't question whether we'd struggle, I've been saying that all season. I question using points from last season, the team is largely different as well as the manager.
  14. Meh... That's irrelevant - to compare last season with this season is meaningless. 19 points from 16 games gives us a pro-rata of 45 points. That will keep us up, just. But we have also been somewhat unfortunate, both with injuries and ouitcome of games. I think we will end up somewhere around 50 points which will see us ending up somewhere around 10-14th. I think that is a fairly fair reflection of where we are as a club. A sobering thought for many on here no doubt.
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