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Lineup selection tool

Message added by My Blood Is Blue,

Welcome to the CFCnet Lineup Selector

This tool is designed to assist you in assembling your anticipated or recommended team for each upcoming match next season.

Simply follow the steps: begin by selecting your preferred formation below, then choose your desired players. Once you've confirmed your selection, you'll have the option to download your team as an image or copy and paste it into the relevant discussion topic (you'll need to center align it yourself).

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Hey everyone, I'm excited to introduce a new feature as we gear up for next season! It's something I've been eager to implement on the site for a while now: a lineup selection tool to help us assemble our predicted or expected lineups for match day topics.

Scroll to the top of the page to use the tool.

This is just the first version, so consider it a trial run. If it proves to be useful, I'll definitely work on refining it in the future and make it look a bit nicer.

To keep things focused, I'm going to lock this topic. Let's reserve this space solely for using the tool. However, I'm eager to hear your thoughts and feedback, so please head over here to share your insights. Thanks for your support!

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