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  1. Well as the international season starts we can be guaranteed of a few things. 1) Chelsea players will start to get injured in horrific numbers. I see The President has already sustained a serious ankle injury. 2) Our 5 star scouting brigade will be eyeing up players who look fab in an international shirt but look like Bakayoko in a Chelsea shirt. 3) Any ex Chelsea player that we sold for a pony will look like Maradona on steroids ( oh hang in, he was on steroids). 4) Palmer will look like a sensation and Real Madrid will turn his head and we’ll sell him for 50 mill to balance the books. The only consolation I have is that when England arrive back at Heathrow looking a little embarrassed at our tournament, old big nose won’t be heading to the Bridge to hang his waistcoat on our head coach door.
  2. Going back a few years now, ( I think after Costa went ) there was talk of Vardy coming here. I was 100% up for that but many here instantly dismissed him as over the hill. Giroud too was sent packing because he was too old. Fair play, because the new guys here that are still on breast milk really hit the ground running.
  3. At least he’s consistent . If he’d have been banging them in left right and centre for his national team , I might have been more upset.
  4. Not really . I wasn’t even more right than I thought 😉. ROTG thought he would stay even without Europe , turns out he got the boot even with it! He was a dead man walking basically ( probably since Liverpool game).
  5. FairPlay ( I was only joking but nice gesture)
  6. Ok @ROTG , you owe me a pint and a KitKat. I think that was the final agreed amount? 🧐
  7. Probably one of the best scoring centre backs this country has ever seen. Those two give me goose bumps.
  8. Ahh the original Tinker Man. What a smashing fella though. Not enough people in football like Claudio. In many ways his departure signalled the emergence of Chelsea as a major force because JM was waiting in the wings. But what an interesting up and down career CR had in football. He will always be welcomed back here….back hang on a minute ….I wonder if he fancies one last coaching job before he gets his retirement clock? 😉
  9. Those boys going the extra mile to get our new coach makes me want to burst into song!! 😍 🎹🎼 Climb every mountain / ford every stream / search the Vauxhall Conference / find what Chelsea neeeed! 🎼🎤
  10. 🤦🏻 but I think any idiot can enter anything on Wikki
  11. It might be prudent to point out that despite getting players back , it means nothing if they are made of glass ….and too many are. Chilwell , James and Nkunku to name but 3 key players that are never fit. Apparently we have to balance the books so that might mean goodbye to Connor and Chalabah ( and maybe more). Chelsea fc sold a hotel to ourselves to try and avoid ffp penalties and that deal is being looked into. It’s highly possible we could get a points deduction, so I’m not sure how “lucky” this new chap will feel! Without Palmers goals and assists we’d have finished 16 th last season , imagine a long term injury to him during the Euros ( I can see the stretcher now).
  12. If we go back to that shite it will just about finish me off. We have CBs who are not ball players , we have some quick speedy players which are effective on the break , some grafting ball chasing midfielders ( Connor/ Caicedo) and the President up front. Apart from Enzo , do we have a single player that fits the profile or the skill set of possession ball player …palmer I suppose can do anything but I want to see him scoring /creating goals , not passing it around in triangles.
  13. I think clearly there is a bit of a power struggle going on between B and E. The latter I’m guessing has a stronger more wilful personality. I see that dinner date between Bohley and Poch as a kind of “ sorry Poch but this is all out of my hands now but personally I’d like you to stay on”. Power struggles are never good news. Roman was king and everyone knew where they stood. This is starting to look like a kids playground.
  14. ATM the owners are far more likely to piss me off than the the new coach. If we shift out Gallagher and Chalobah and keep Enzo I’m going to be raging.
  15. Well at least it gives us all something to argue about! My knee jerk reaction is not one of horror. I really didn’t want DZ or Paul McKenna or Paul Daniel’s ( or whoever the Ipswich blokes name was). I’d have taken back Tuchel or Mourinho or Carlo A over this chap. However…. as new coaches go he could be interesting. That’s only my spidy senses saying that so don’t ask me for my thought process. I suppose Italians have always suited this club and that country has given us some of our best loved legends. From what I hear he’s organised and methodical. I could probably do without the winning games 6-0 nil one week then losing 6-0 the next. I’m happy for steady progress in right direction. Do our owners know what they are doing at this club? I’m not sure they do, but the same as we fluked a player like Palmer , we are also capable of stumbling on a good coach if we keep hiring enough of them.
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