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  1. Please use this thread for all posts relating to our Pre-Season Friendly match against Wrexham at Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara before, during and after the game. The match is scheduled to kick off at 03:00 hours on Thursday, 25th July 2024 (Local UK time/date)
  2. Usual bland questions and answers. We've been here many times before. Still, welcome Enzo. Wishing you lots of luck!!!
  3. Mark!!! I know you're only joking but that's horrible 😮
  4. Well they could certainly control how many times the WAGS need to see their 'beloveds', especially if it means 5 hour round trips on private jets with various kids in tow. Not sure if your last sentence is aimed at me but it doesn't change the facts.
  5. England's WAG arrive on SIX private jets: Dani Dyer, Megan Pickford, Aine May Kennedy and Lauren Fryer touch down at Erfurt-Weimar Airport as they head to Three Lions training base to spend day with the players before quarter final | Daily Mail Online This makes me so angry. Why is the FA allowing this circus?
  6. When are we going to be introduced to Signor Maresca and his staff?? His contract started yesterday. I'm getting impatient.
  7. Hall completes permanent Newcastle transfer | News | Official Site | Chelsea Football Club (chelseafc.com)
  8. Well he hasn’t done so far 🙄 What a stupid headline anyway. It’s only the quarter finals next. Its all this ridiculousness that turns me off the whole England merry go round.
  9. Even I have to say what the f*** does that even mean? 🙄
  10. Gareth Southgate explains why he's been picking Arsenal winger over Chelsea star (msn.com) There's your answer.
  11. You lot are mean. Gareth might be a **** manager but he's a decent man and doesn't deserve all the ridicule he gets 😡 (And it's the wrong thread)
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