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  1. Hmm...I rarely take sides and don't mean to now but I didn't think..and still don't ...that SFL was such a terrible coach...forget the "interim" basically favour he did... A good first season with big restrictions and a young Academy influenced side I believe we all identified with, The three BIG signings turned out to be big in parts and I don't think I'm overreaching to say ultimately all three were underwhelming in their long term benefit to Chelsea and Lamps...that's not to say they didn't have "moments" but movements are just that,,,not week in weekout game/team influence as one would expect/hope for. I am not defending SFL and strictly on stats and the eyes he was not successful but compared to GP?...looking at the tables now it sort of shows things in a different light,
  2. I didn't think I was the only one to see what was going on...I'm not so biased that I can't see Chelsea bad tackles but Everton ,for me. were showing that nasty "We can't win this but we will hurt you out of spite" attitude. Not as rare as may be thought. Any one here remember the old Sunday morning reply to the usual thuggery?...something like "For F's sake...we all have to go to work tomorrow"...more or less articulate/colourful depending on the player!
  3. That's the one.... I got the impression that the yellow cards were not having the effect they should be having...didn't stop the nasty stuff that was going in..too many to list but I recall a nasty back of the heel/leg on Palmer....potentially game ending....I'm no "cover the players in cotton wool" advocate but there's "vigorous" and there is "vengeful." Again..I hate to see red cards, although biased enough to take the advantage when given, the imbalance often takes away the rythme of a game.... Too wide an area of debate but a handball or too much protest at the Official gets the same punishment as a potential career ending tackle....Go Figure,
  4. Absolutely...but for me there were some really nasty tackles that were probably red not yellow,,, I seem to recall one that was just a full on body contact at pace with the ball long gone...plain assault not late or mistimed tackle...and now the disgraceful coming down on an opponent's foot seems to have been replaced by the follow through tackle that catches the foot in the same way.
  5. Ah Jane...I didn't vote...bit distracted this weekend but would have gone for the win...but didn't envisage such an emphatic one...... 2-0 up...Everton pull two back then a late winner,,,not exactly Nostradamus but seemed likely. Couldn't be more pleased with six excellent goals,,,from the sheer sweetness of Cole's first,,,then an efficient well read header,,,the sheer aplomb of the lob and a text book penalty...Jackson's equally impressive goal and Alfie's well taken first ,,,always a special moment. Negatives...not today but such childish foolishness over the penalty,,,Leave It To Cole...in stone! My "other" view..what the heck is Pickford trying to showcase with his somewhat bizzare "fashion" choices?... offends me as long ago keeper!
  6. Ha Ha...I think we have all been trying to tell The Poch what to do..and not as advice!
  7. With you Sam....The Poch in deep conversation with Palmer earlier...pointing out what he should have done? Please just let the players have a cup of tea not give instructions to save the game!
  8. Just got in on the 20 min mark,,,Blimey!
  9. 😄...Moyes and the rest mentioned...all at best good average EPL coaches...no real sparks....somewhat Flatter to Deceive coaches....not the steel of the really top coaches....who then instead of our version?...I have no idea.
  10. I think all across the game the majority of fans are grinning today! Things change across The EPL but generally speaking my categorising or my personal identity...of/for clubs remains more or less the same over the years regardless of ownership etc. Citeh always a "like Chelsea" club,,Joe and Malcolm..Bell, Trautman ,,slings and arrows over the years but paying back the punters for those years now.,,,sneered at by the arrogant Manure louts...Liverpool ?...no need for any comment...Spurs?..always the live in the past Glory glory club the source of much anger from me as a youngster (and still) due to the useless non football kids who jumped on the Double years..."Lucky" Arsenal with an entitled forever better than anyone else moral high ground self image,,,"Plucky" Fulham, and on and on....all meaning I want Citeh to top the EPL and the Scouse lot and the truly Arse crowd to cry in their beds come the end of the season.... Biased?..you bet your sweet Bippy...
  11. In the midst of our "Winter (+) Of Discontent"..The Football Gods smile on us and serve up everything we could dream for ..... as MrC left for church I said if only Villa can win,,unlikely it will be almost a perfect off Chelsea weekend of results...and here we are!!!!
  12. Wise words as ever Sciatica but the underlined section would mean the annihilation of the World Media as we know it..not necessarily a bad thing! One of the many hard earned bits of life awareness I have is something like.."Save your powder" fight the battle when it arrives..prepare yes but don't waste energy and resources until actually needed,,the way to madness and an aid to one's opponents/aggressors.
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