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  1. Sam, Just follow me up The Yellow Brick Road.😁
  2. @Backbiter...hmm..I did envisage the possibilty of, more or less, the scenario you suggested . Like you lend your Porsche to someone who drives all the way to Wales and gets stopped or caught on camera not on a Mway but a street in Llanelli?..Bizarre. I have an old truck..no problem to lend it to someone but our "best" vehicle I would hesitate to lend anyone...but then again I don't have an inflated salary to spend. Pales against the "song/chant" issue but is this just another "Can't Fix Stupid" incident ?
  3. I have yet to live down the shame of having the correct pronunciation of Yosemite Sam being gently pointed out to me many years ago on an early stay here. Added...my bad Spanish is heavily Andaluce...or as a Spanish teacher once admonished me."No No that is bad Andaluce" and in a communal camp site washroom in Toledo I was recognised as being from Almeria by my accent, Oh and anyone got the skinny on the Tonypandy night life?
  4. Of course...my party days are long gone so not up with the fast crowd. @RDCW,,,local knowledge ..or as close as I know!,,are we missing out on a new insider only Hedonistic destination?
  5. Hmm.."Me thinks he protesteth too much!".... I accept under advisement that Alex was not on the bus but am re evulating my list of World Hot spots to maybe add Llanelli ,,will it become a toss up between Ibiza and Llanelli for a party vacation?...Llanelli and Amsterdam ? Afterthought,,I am sure we can all pronounce Llanelli correctly but a Spanish speaker?
  6. Mentioned above,,,Llanelli ?,,,,,haven't looked for a midweek game but I think it was after Newcastle away the previous weekend... I can't get my head around Enzo being in Llanelli !.... His personal life is exactly that but wtf? I'm not sure how good Enzo's English is but with due respect to our respected Welsh members sometimes the Welsh accent can be "challenging"to some of us! Usually any driving foolishness is something like "Stopped on the M6 at 2 am doing 98 miles an hour in his..choose whatever luxury sports model..." 😕🚔🏎️🚦
  7. Replayed some of his stuff on Youtube,,,still as funny ..."King Kong", among others, one I'd forgotten but hilarious.
  8. Absolute Double Dutch, @Sciatika,,,Tu Lips ? surely that was something to do with a lady in "Mash"? 🪖🌷🌷
  9. Nutty Wal,,Classic...... Mr Newhart..Thank you for so many smiles.
  10. Mark,,it's serious..you can't just paste over the issues.
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