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  1. Olise was rumoured to be, he was injured at the time - fitting the bill. Then announced he was signing a new contract. His younger brother is in our academy. Would cost a fortune now, I’d guess a Ratcliffe ‘Look at Me’ signing for Man Utd now.
  2. To be fair, Palace did get their game-changers back - as the new man arrived. But he seems to have immediately achieved results. They look organised, run more, have a higher intensity and improved the players performances. All the things you expect from a top level coach to get in place and not take 3/4 of a season to do.
  3. We’d have finished higher had the coach been better at his job. Lucked in at the end. Didn’t mention you by name, but if the cap fits and all that. Result first, performance second - but this debate has been had by us before. If that’s what you believe as regards celebrations - fine and dandy. I’d suggest you attend a few more games and then you’ll get a true representation based on fact, that sort of celebration was normal for our fans in a come from behind win with not too long left. I’m basing the latter on lots of years of personal experience, don’t know what you’re basing your ideas on?
  4. Bournemouth coach does seem to have vastly improved them after a very shaky first 10 games or so. Palace are a funny side, I recall Hodgson taking over from Viera and they did exactly what they’ve done now, won a few games on the trot. Next season will tell more as to the new fella’s capabilities - but he’s done brilliantly thus far.
  5. He tried it with an old pal of mine and got told a few things about his appearance, went mad and started wingeing at the referee. Stand up to people like him in life, don’t take a backward step.
  6. I was thinking of using the adage that they’ve a tendency to press the ‘self-destruct button’, but thought that applied more to their national team as opposed to a mentality. Think it may be a lowland country thing as the Belgian’s have a tendency to be less than the sum of their combined parts at a national level.
  7. ‘‘Tis the modern way, dear boy” 😉 Lump the work onto the donkeys, us thoroughbreds will munch on the juicy feed that their hard-work buys. Let them eat hay, then when we get asked for more, lump it onto the beasts of burden. When we can no longer escape at least a little bit of work and responsibility - run for the hills. Sounds like some medieval folk tale, but I see it every week in the workplace.
  8. Below Spuds and Villa who both had awful end of the season finishes. Hardly a badge of honour and being objective below or in line with most people’s expectations. You’ll keep banging the positive performance drum, I’m far from convinced. Yesterday’s performance another example of a game that could have gone a different way. Better coach and we may have looked at fourth, might of scored less but we also may well have conceded a lot less. We’re the wrong way round. Wonderful for those not that invested, but not so good for those fans who who want more than watching a ‘good game’, result second.
  9. And therein lies the issues with a multi-layered structure - it’s where the responsibility lies for performance levels and what’s acceptable and what’s not. At least with the old way of a hierarchical Management you knew and quite rightly, where the buck stopped. Especially with players and new signings. Now you have the lizards crawling around, trying to find cover for themselves and not focussing firstly and foremostly on the team. Briefings and counter-briefings aplenty. The multi-layered approach is fine, as long as you have all pulling in the same direction and have reasonable and proportionate levels of success I.e. Man City, Arsenal (not won a league, but unfortunately look as if they may in a season or two - as long as they stay aligned and together). Liverpool maybe - have to see how it holds together with Kipplity going. Dutch are a spiky race, so could be choppy waters ahead for them (let’s 🙏 for that). Our lot seem to be jostling for position and longevity.
  10. Rumours floating around are that he wants parity with Caicedo and Fernandez - Again, nothing known, but rumoured at around the £180k per week level.
  11. Kicking the ball away - One of ours got booked for it yesterday and a Bournemouth player did similarly yesterday and nothing. The full-back who got booked for diving then threw the ball in an opposite direction, nothing. Happens way too often for it to be chance. The Mikel/Clattenberg incident made things way worse and now it’s institutional.
  12. First time I saw it re-run was this morning and there’s just no debate to be had, 100%er
  13. I haven’t watched it back, so can’t really say anything about Cucurella’s reaction - But he got properly body slammed. Strong as an ox 🐂- the Bournemouth player, about as subtle as one too.
  14. The corruption may be just the intangible things such as political influence ‘senior’ referees have on other’s careers etc, but something is happening and not for the good of the game or getting decisions correct. Which after all is said and done, is the biggest part of their jobs. Being at the ground you don’t know much, but the VAR Decision Being Checked screen appeared and no more than 10-15 second's later the No Foul/Penalty Screen was displayed. Seemed too quick to me, especially for one that was almost a nailed on penalty and for that to be dismissed as a ‘no foul’.
  15. The Sky presenter on this section is a big Chelsea fan. Used to see him regularly at away games. He hides it quite well though!
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