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  1. Chunky full back injured again for Man Utd. Parallels with our RJ.
  2. Of course the Chelsea manager is going to leak the fact that a £66m purchase is a busted flush. Jeez.
  3. Absolutely disgusting that Sir Jim Ratcliff, richest man in Britain, who chooses to pay his taxes in Monaco, is asking the taxpayer to fund the rebuilding of Old Trafford.
  4. Precisely. You don't make excuses for Chelsea. If we don't win, it's the players or the coaching or TB. Not the injuries we've had for 2 years.
  5. Amuses me how quick you are to make excuses for the opposition but you refuse to accept the same on behalf of your own club.
  6. I can't see the board, players or fans wanting to see heavy metal, long ball football at all.
  7. They will both start as will one or two others on the list.
  8. Agreeing with everything you post today. Feels a bit weird 😂
  9. They are having a glut of short term injuries. We have had an injury crisis worse than their current one for two years. Watch who is available for them by Sunday......
  10. Wait until the squads are announced before guessing at who is *unavailable" for Liverpool. I bet a good few of their 9 are available by Sunday. It's all propaganda supporting to Klopp fairwell tour.
  11. Someone commented on Twitter that he got the best of us and we got the best of him.
  12. My local MP. One of the good guys. A much loved man. A real humanitarian and a rampant animal rights activist. He was actually murdered less than half a mile from my home and it caused shockwaves locally. To read this makes me equally angry and sad. Pathetic scum. They always will be.
  13. .... And the passing out was progressive and precise, with the exception of Petrovic. What's your point?
  14. How is this food for thought for me? What point of yours does this support? Why can't you just accept that we have different opinions and move on with your life?
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