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Away pubs

Blue Moon

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Thought I'd open the door to recommendations for pubs in away locations. Usually, I follow my nose and head for the sound of "Carefree" when I'm near the ground, but it's much more useful to have an idea of where to head. Suggestions?

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Could start with my second club, Cambridge United. In days of yore, I'd have said the Five Bells. Crap decor, but a reasonable juke-box and well kept beer .... except it closed ages ago, along with a number of others.

If you head out of the ground towards the city along Newmarket Road, there's the Wrestlers, which also offers Thai food. Had an enjoyable evening there with a barrow load of Leeds supporters before an FA Cup match - they stood out from the locals by their dour appearance and menacing manner - they arrived after we had taken a table, so we decided to stay put and adopt Yorkshire accents. Down Dover Street there's The Tram Depot, which is a lovely little pub offering a wide variety of beers and food, and about a mile from the ground. But for the sake of peace and quiet, keep your colours covered.

Otherwise, it's the centre of Cambridge, which is a two-mile walk.

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