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  1. If Klopp waits a year he will be competing worth Pep for a new position.
  2. I replied to the BBC's request for reactions to their injury situation, but strangely they chose not to publish my comments. I checked the LFC website, and it seems they are only really commenting on who is available for the Luton game, so, as likely as not, Salah, Nunez, and maybe Szoboszlai may be available for the weekend. In theory, we can win this game, but we are certainly not favourites. I expect a lot of fouls to be given to them in dangerous positions for the most minimal contact. Quads to win and all that.
  3. I thought Elijah Adebayo looked pretty good when we played Luton. He's 26, 6'4", good in the air and on the ground. His goals are a mixture of right-footed shots and headers in the area. His left leg is for standing on. He is English (born in Brent), came up through Fulham's youth team, and spent a couple of years at Walsall. In the last few seasons in the championship, he had 17/4 in 21/22 and 10/4 in 22-23. He has 28 appearances in the PL and has 9/0 so far, which is pretty good in a first season in the top flight. He has scored against Man City, Arsenal, Brighton and Newcastle as well as us. Whether he can step up to 20 is still unknown, but with better supply, who knows? He seems to be able to control himself with 1Y and 0R. No injuries, suspensions or absences so far. He has also played as a CB, which might be handy for defending corners. No doubt he could change his name to Adebayinho if that helps, although his full name of "Elijah Anuoluwapo Oluwaferanmi Oluwatomi Oluwalana Ayomikulehin Adebayo" is already some moniker.🙂
  4. I aim to please. Keep missing, but so it goes.
  5. Maybe take a year off and then take over at City. That's a scary thought.
  6. Just realised...Jackson went a whole game without getting booked!
  7. We used to have individuals making decisions and now we have committees. If committees pull together, they can make better decisions than individuals. However, if they pull in opposite directions, their decisions are worse. Sadly, the latter is more commonly the case.
  8. I watched it again. Haaland's s**thouse stuff is really annoying. He grabs defenders on the ref's blindside and they grab back to avoid him getting away. So far is pretty standard stuff. Then he lets go, falls over and claims a penalty. Against Cucrella and now Chilwell. He is also partial to obstructing defenders to make space for his teammates. Classic bully. Hopefully, refs will get wise to it in time. The other thing was former Chelsea players Ake and de Bruyne falling over on the edge of the box and trying to claim a freekick was shameful as was booing Palmer. Personally, I would prefer not to try to defend a 1-0 lead away to City for half an hour. Disappointing from Poch.
  9. One draw on his inhaler, and he will be fine.
  10. I am a bit disappointed, as much with our performance as anything else. We made a lot of basic errors, our pressing wasn't all that, and our crosses were often simple passes to the GK. Even so, they only scored one due to a stupid defensive error generated by their press. It puts greater pressure on us to get results against Arsenal, Liverpool and Man Utd, as well as get results in the WCL and domestic cups. Man City also have to meet those but do not have the WCL to worry about.
  11. Sometimes, seeing comments on the boards of other clubs can be quite fun. For instance, I saw this comment on Bluemoon in relation to the Chelsea-Liverpool final:
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