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(our) Magnificent Seven..an OG start


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14 minutes ago, JaneB said:

To have you smiling is enough!!!!

Might do a roll call later including those I want back.  Am sure the new address will help.  Keep thinking about Asvaberg, hope he finds his way back.

And CarefreeM..miss that youthful optimism! How many are we now?

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Hi everyone

Below is a list of members who I'm sure would want to come back so any help tracing them would be much appreciated.

Richard Redmond, Rob B, Martin, Flinkers, Asvaberg, Blue Snow, Jason B, McCreadie, Leo, Holymoly, Kezza, Chris B, Zidane, The Velour Fog, Lampen, East Lower, Kratos, Charlie SW69, Arkie, Chiswick Blue, American Blue, Le Beouf's Golf Ball, Diddymen, Chelboy, Dingus, Juni, Hallgalley (on FB), Willian Dollar Baby, Backbiter, Bert19, Super Kenny Monkou, Liquidator, Tarvas, Lump of Celery, Bison, Phoenix Blue, Blue In Every Way, Jangz, R Bartlett, Kenny Paul, DannyLB, Kenedin, Gurjss, Aussie Blue, Exiled Blue, Sciatika (on Twitter Keith Y), Fillery, Carefree Muratcan, Brin, Frank Lampard8.

Phew!!  Well that will do for the minute!!!  Kenny Paul, Backbiter, DannyLB and Jangz are all on The Shed End but you have to do several posts on there before you can pm members.

Can't do much on all this for the next few days but be back at it asap next week.  Grateful thanks to Sam for everything he is adding to the site.

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1 minute ago, Bob Singleton said:

Nice to see the forum resurrected from the dead 😁  Grateful thanks to those that have set up the new forum and have contacted others.

Unfortunately I can't help trace other members as I had minimal interactions with forum members outside the forum. 

Nice to have you back Bob 😊

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