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Old school Centre Forward, A dying breed.


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What a number 9 Harland is. Yes he  is incredibly big ,  strong and fast but what strikes me the most is he is so often in the right place.  He is in and around the 6 yard box to smash things in, his whole team knows where to find him if they try. Drogba was the similar we have had,

Why is it 9s dont exist now? Kane is a 9 but even he plays so deep I feel he is doing others work and if he played more advanced would score even more.

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Nice post.

All the great goal scorers are/were as often as not in the "right place"...The Big H often(!) misses being in the "right place" . Something that cannot be coached.

Old School Centre Forwards were battering rams albeit with skills often overlooked and it has been many years since that sort of player could survive in the EPL.

Fearsome though they were the game has moved on and the equally Old School Centre Halves have given way to the likes of Silva with JT as close as you could get to the OSCHs and he was far above that old level.

I may be an OG but the game today is far different and better in many ways. 

Hmm..but I wonder how todays prima D's would have fared on the mud heaps that passed as pitches not so very long ago....watch the Semi at WHL between Chelsea/Watford....Ossie on todays billiard tables would have romped every game! (If he had a mind to!)


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