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Edouard Mendy


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1 minute ago, Ham said:

Came, saw, conquered, went off the boil.

Will always remember his heroics in 2021.  I wish him all the best. 

He'll be happy over there with his family. 

Initially loved his "They shall not pass" 110% application...the nitty gritty of real goalkeeping but was puzzled as he "went off the boil" and lost that vital edge that had him playing above his natural level.... once that goes he.or any keeper. is just average and at Chelsea that is not good enough...wish him well and from his past history glad he has reached a secure financial level...not begrudged at all.

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He was good for a period and contributed to our success, so for that he'll always be remembered well. His shelf life however was limited with possession football and building from the back being such an integral part of where football is right now, hard to trust a player with two left feet in possession and you could see that at times with his defenders not always willing to use him as an out ball. Couple this with his general loss of form, or maybe simply reverting back to his usual level, the rest of his goalkeeping suffered. 

Wish him all the best moving forward but the time was right.

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