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Azpilicueta - Legend departs

My Blood Is Blue

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Our captain came on for his 500th appearance for the club vs Liverpool. He is now Chelsea’s 6th highest appearance maker and the highest foreign appearance maker for the club. Legend.

Although his form may be in decline, you cannot dispute the fact that he has been a huge contributor to our club and it’s success. He has maintained such a high level throughout his time with us. 

I remember when we signed him and I had no idea who he was, I definitely do now. 


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Arguably one of, if not the most, consistent signings we've ever had. Not to mention absolute peak value for money. 

Will be interesting to see what his future holds come the summer. Happy to keep him around for the final year of his contract as filler, but also wouldn't begrudge him wanting to maybe move on for a bigger role elsewhere.

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3 hours ago, Bob Singleton said:

Pound (Sterling) for pound, probably the best signing we ever made!

Saw what you did there Bob..very good!..and yes..a pure gem..especially his early stint at LB..absolutely a top signing in every way..financially playing wise and a true Blue...Corizon Azul.

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On 22/01/2023 at 09:38, Mark Kelly said:

He's been nothing short of fantastic for us a real gem , sadly his legs appear to be letting him down now so I wouldn't be surprised to see him incorporated into the coaching team or allowed to retire back to Spajn.

I think he can still play RCB if we play a 3, but at RB or RWB, he just isn't fast enough anymore. 

Brilliant signing and ridiculously consistent. Great pro and example. 

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Sad to see him go but he deserves all the plaudits that will come his way. A true stalwart who gave everything for Chelsea and won almost everything too! 

Good luck for the future Dave, you’ve truly earned it.

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